Blog-Projekt: Start einer Firma öffentlich begleiten

so ein ähnliches Projekt hatte ich mal über das MEX Blog vor: Gemeinsam mit Experten (Vertrieb, etc…) eine Firma starten und öffentlich auf einem eigenen Blog von Beginn an die Fortschritte, Maßnahmen, Konzepte wie auch Umsatzzahlen veröffentlichen. Doch nachdem das MEX Projekt ein Full Stop hingelegt hat, wurde nix daraus.

Aber macht nichts, in den USA hat sich ein Blog formiert, das genau so ein Projekt beinhaltet. Es nennt sich The Alane By Day Project:

Alane By Day is the real-time narrative of the step-by-step creation of Alane’s architecture practice in just 82 days. We’re using the blog format so everyone can see how it’s done. If you’re starting a business, this blog will help you; if you’ve already started a business, you can help this blog.

Eine Reihe von Experten – so die Aussagen – kümmert sich darum und hilft mit, das Ziel zu erreichen. Viel Glück und me gebookmarked dieses Projekt.

Neue Stellenangebote

Growth Marketing Manager:in – Social Media
GOhiring GmbH in Homeoffice
Communication Expert / Content Designer Social Media (m/w/d)
ISR Information Products AG in Braunschweig
Social Media Manager Marketing & Kommunikation (m/w/d)
ISR Information Products AG in Braunschweig

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Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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  • I lost interest in that experiment. Business ideas were pretty bad and I don’t think voting system was optimal. And CMS was Mambo 😉 They could put something else.

  • Mambo? I dont love that CMS … but worse is that the business ideas were have been that bad…. that is the key, if it aint good the rest is not very interesting

  • yes, I agree with you Robert. The ideas were bad and I’ve seen how completly open system of desicions is not viable allways.
    I am all for open, but some things in business should be by those who have a vision and cuorage.
    Mass are good when something needs to be aggregated, but in doing business, it’s not that much important. At least, that’s my thought after little observation. I remember when we created croatian blogging service In case we listen only our users and some wise guys from IT magazines we would never make it successful. The vision and big picture are as much important as hearing what market says.

  • that reminds me on something… at O’Reilly… did you read this: The lesson is that if you’re going to build a better mousetrap, you have to approach the problem from both sides: technology and user needs. If you ignore technology, you’ll build your mousetrap from cheese. If you ignore users, you’ll catch people instead of mice.

    The Three Filters: How to Listen to Users“

    Could you tell me more about the success of Can you tell us about the registered users?

  • Great quote, much have been said at O’Reilly. I need to read it.

    Well, we are approaching very fast to some 40.000 users ( statistic only for, biggest and most popular blog service that appeals with basic functionality read/write but has a community-citizen- journalism concept with button in blog editor: Send to the Editors )

    We have about 90.000 daily (!) unique visitors on ( yestreday was all time peak of 97.000 of them ) . I do not count those bloggers on, LiveJournal or WordPress, or some smaller croatian blogging services. ( those are about 5.000 )

    Have a look at Loic’s wiki.

    For small Croatia it’s a big number. And it all started in May 2004. The curve of popularisation in writing and reading blogs is very steep.

    Have a look at Loic’s wiki.

    There are some estimates about 45.000 croatian blogs which makes it 11th country in Europe by apsolute terms, and in relative terms ( compared to population ) it makes 6th country in Europe by 1.01 %.

    Blogosphere in Croatia is mainstream since it’s every day that it is making citizen news, often revealing. The whole concept of is as a citizen journalism accepted and percieved. Every user writes and if he thinks has a hot news to blog, put it in the channel to the editor.

    The president reads blogs ( even has favorite blogger ) , many famouse politicians and many croatian majors have a blog. ( the major of Zagreb Bandic has a blog, the major of Sisak has a blog- Davorko Vidovic). Many prominent people maintain blogs, but many more are silent lurkers or anonymouse.
    Last week prominent publishing house published an editions of poems who were first published and discovered on For many, can be perfect incubator and publicity to show their creativity and talent. Some musicians, like Umorni Konj, with help of viral blogging commmunity, made it number one in national alternative/demo chart.

    Blogs in Croatia are common place.
    Not only in Croatia by our people. Many born Croats who live outside of Croatia ( diaspora ), maintains blogs, and blog enable them connections with their ancestors. It is my estimate that about 40 % incoming traffic comes from those countries where many Croats are living ( USA, Australia, Canada, German ).

    Croatia is changing, specially , in terms of digital culture.
    And, all that is said, by the blog insider ;))