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NewPRWiki: US-PR Agenturen tauschen sich über Social Media aus

TheNewPRWiki soll als Austauschplattform der US PR Agenturen dienen. Iniitiert wurde das Ganze von Steve Rubel (Blog Micropersuasion), einem der bekanntesten Marketing Blogger in den USA. Das Wiki war zunächst eine geschlossene Veranstaltung, die aber mittlerweile für jeden einsehbar ist.

Aufhänger von Rubel:

On October 6, 2005 I issued a call to action on my blog for the PR community to go the distance. Specifically, I believe that as an industry we are way behind where we need to be in our understanding of how to apply the new world of social media in our day-to-day jobs. I reiterated this call in a byline in the November 28 issue of PR Week. The good news is we have 75% of social media under our belt. As an industry most of us conceptually get its importance. We know how it evolves marketing from a monologue into a dialogue and the significance of listening. However, many PR professionals still don’t grasp the last 25%. In other words, our agency and in-house teams don’t know how to put blogs, RSS, wikis, podcasting, etc. into action immediately. They don’t know how to subscribe to RSS feeds and, what’s more, develop conversational marketing programs. I am not alone in this belief. Others, including Richard Edelman, share this conviction. On November 21, he suggested the industry: retrain its work force, recognize the influence and credibility of blogs and experiment. Now it’s time to go the distance. On this wiki page, I have invited several executives from the PR community to discuss different initiatives that we can each take back home and apply in our own agencies. Hopefully we can establish some best practices. In the spirit of transparency, those who are willing to participate will hold this dialogue out in the open. I suggest – to keep this organized – that we address one subject matter at a time until we close it before moving on to the next. However, I defer to the wishes of the group. Once we have identified a series of best practices, we will open these ideas up to feedback from a broader group.

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Mal sehen, wie sich das anläßt und ob das möglicherweise eine Idee für deutsche Agenturen wäre (bar jeden Gedankens an Konkurrenzkampf und dergleichen Krimskrams auf neuen Gebieten)

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