Domainwahnsinn: für 3 Mio gekauft


Entrepreneur John Gotts has agreed to pay almost $3 million to purchase the domain With skeptics saying that he’ll back out of the deal through a contract clause or that the purchase is a huge sign of a bubble, Gotts announced today that he has teamed with San Diego based wiki provider MindTouch to make a serious wiki play with the domain name at the center of their strategy.

Angeblich deswegen: is the most natural URL imaginable for people interested in Wikis, Gotts says, and he intends to end his advertising budget at the nearly $3 million he’s paying for the URL and the $8 per year it costs him to renew his ownership of the domain. It worked for him with, which redirects to, where Gotts sells adware removal software he claims has been wildly successful.

Ob die Rechnung wirklich aufgeht? Schauen wir mal, habe so meine leichten Zweifel.


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