Universal geht auf Grouper und los

tja, Google hat mit YouTube Geschick bewiesen, was aber nicht heisst, dass die anderen Glück haben müssen, Mashable:

The story everyone expected to see this week was a major media company suing YouTube over copyright. Well, Universal Music has indeed sued some video-sharing companies today, but thanks to a deal struck with YouTube last week, the market leader escaped unharmed. Instead it“€™s two smaller players – and Grouper – that face the wrath of Universal“€™s lawyers and a possible $150,000 in damages for every infringement. Universal says that thousands of videos are being shared without permission, which would put the total figure owed in the hundreds of millions. According to Reuters, the charge is „€œcopying, reformatting, distributing and creating derivative works from Universal“€™s musicians“€?

Video-Hoster, die Cash-Cows der Medienkonzerne? Grins…

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