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PodTech Exclusive from IBM’s World Headquarters: IBM Corporate Podcasting Team Talks with PodTech About Their Views on Podcasting. I travelled to Armonk NY to meet with IBM’s Corporate Podcasting Team, Ben Edwards and Christopher Barger in corporate communications, to discuss how IBM is using podcasting and how they see podcasting as part of their company’s strategy

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Christopher Barger – IBM Marketing / Corporate Communication Executive:
The best part of it is, to the point that John was making about the change, is until recently the communities have been preconditioned, preset. This is a way to bring everything from the bottom up. The communities create themselves. A person doesn’t have to necessarily go sign up for a specific community or go become part of anything specific anymore. He or she can just look and see who’s blogging, who’s podcasting on the subjects that matter to them that they are interested in, that they have expertise in. Those communities form on their own and they form from the bottom up. That’s really where the shift is happening.

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  • i would have like to but its not possible to me since i dont know a system to link specifically to a point in a mp3 file. Instead, i used Audacity (OpenSource SW) and cut the piece out that i posted here.

    Maybe you know that: Is there a possibility to define bookmarks/points in mp3 during the recordings so i could jump to them later as an user?

    And btw, beautiful podcasts, John, highly interesting!!!! Kudos!