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Pew Internet Report: Teens erobern das Blog-Web

Pew Internet & American Life Project hat einen Internet-Nutzungsstudie über Teens veröffentlicht (.pdf | Site):

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More than half of all online teens who go online create content for the internet. Among internet-using teens, 57% (or 50% of all teens, roughly 12 million youth) are what might be called Content Creators. They report having done one or more of the following content- creating activities: create a blog; create a personal webpage; create a webpage for school, a friend, or an organization; share original content they created themselves online; or remix content found online into a new creation.

Und allgemein zu den Bloggern, die – eigentlich selbstredend – heavy Internet User sind:

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Bloggers and to a lesser extent teens who read blogs are internet omnivores who explore, play with, utilize and generally inhabit the internet with a greater abandon than their less blog-savvy counterparts.. They help adults do things online. They have more technological tools such as cell phones and PDAs and are more likely to use them to go online.

Die Zusammenfassung:

– The most popular Content Creating activities are sharing self-authored content and working on webpages for others.
– 33% of online teens share their own creations online, such as artwork, photos, stories, or videos.
– 32% say that they have created or worked on webpages or blogs for others, including those for groups they belong to, friends or school assignments.
– 22% report keeping their own personal webpage.
– 19% have created their own online journal or blog.
– About one in five internet-using teens (19%) says they remix content they find online into their own artistic creations.

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Teens are much more likely than adults to blog and they are also more likely to read blogs. Blogs are a type of webpage, typically created and maintained with software that allows internet users to easily post material to a webpage, usually displaying the material in reverse chronological order with the newest items at the top.
– 19% of online youth ages 12-17 have created their own blog. That is approximately four million people.
– 38% of all online teens, or about 8 million young people, say they read blogs.
– 7% of adult internet users say they have created their own blog and 27% of online
adults say they read blogs. (Note: Data for adult blog readers comes from the May-June 2005 Pew Internet Project Tracking Survey.)
– Teens are more likely than adults to author or read blogs. While one teen in five keeps a blog, about 7% of adult internet users say the same. While close to two in five teens (38%) read blogs, only about a quarter (27%) of online adults do so. 4

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