CSS Tutorial: Wie verwende ich Selektoren?

456 Berea Street – dreiteiliges CSS Tutorial über Selektoren

CSS 2.1 selectors, Part 1: Part 1 is about the more basic stuff like type selectors, class and id selectors, the universal selector, simple selectors.

CSS 2.1 selectors, Part 2: In Part 2 I explained combinators, combined selectors, grouping, and attribute selectors.

CSS 2.1 selectors, Part 3: This time I will take a closer look at pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements. Like the more advanced selectors I talked about in Part 2, pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements are not yet fully supported in all major browsers, so remember checking what happens when support is missing. You don’t want your content to be inaccessible in browsers that don’t support the CSS described here.

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