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The Reuters Financial Glossary has been developed to give you quick and easy access to definitions of terms and concepts related to the financial markets. It is a community-created collaborative project, based upon a published book written and edited by Reuters Editorial staff. Now anyone can edit, build upon and add entries to the glossary to create a helpful source of information. The Reuters Financial Glossary covers foreign exchange, treasury, money and capital markets, mortgage-based assets, equities, commodities, sovereign and corporate debt, technical analysis, and macro-economic terms. Also included are a number of IT related references that will help the transition into the new digital business world. It has a simple alphabetical format and is fully cross-referenced. We encourage you to contribute to the Glossary so the content stays fresh, relevant and improves over time.

Dann mal ran liebe Finanzexperten!

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Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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