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Umverteilung der Marketing Budgets Richtung Web

wir werden alle unglaublich reich 🙂

laut Media Daily News erscheint am 01.03. eine Studie namens „Marketing 2006: 2006’s Timid Start“ von Blackfriars Communications und veröffentlich vorab einige Studienergebnisse:

– On-line marketing has become huge. With our new surveys this year, we are now tracking online advertising, email marketing, and non-advertising-based Internet marketing through web sites, blogs, and podcasts. The bombshell: On-line activities are now 23 percent of marketing budgets for 2006. Why the change? Companies have found on-line marketing to be more efficient and more measurable than traditional media, making it an easy sale to corporate executives.

– Non-traditional marketing become, well, traditional.. Buzz, word-of-mouth, and viral marketing were pretty radical ideas in 2003. Now, companies are allocating almost a tenth of their annual budgets to these activities, and they have become just another arrow in the professional marketer’s quiver.“

Speaking of the decline in traditional advertising dollars over 2005, Howe remarked: „We were tracking it for a while, and we watched it descend all year. The first time we saw it we thought it could be statistical variation–but it’s not. It’s large enough, and consistent enough, to be a major trend showing a big shift away from traditional advertising spending.“

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