OhmyNews eröffnet Austauschplattform für Citizen Journalism

schöner Ansatz von OhmyNews (siehe Artikel zum größten Bürgernews-Onlineportal Südkoreas).

Welcome to ‚Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice‘:

Traditional means of news gathering and dissemination are quickly falling behind the new paradigm. What troubles old media more is the changing nature of the news itself. We believe news is something that is made, not only by a George W. Bush or a Bill Gates but, more importantly, by people who are all allowed to think together. The news is a form of collective thinking. It is the ideas and minds of the people that are changing the world, when they are heard.

The concept itself is not hard to understand; rather, it is its execution that is less than easy. Thus there are few successful citizen journalism sites. And for that reason we are launching a new section. We’d like to share what we have experienced and learned from our operation. Our new section „Citizen Journalism: Theory and Practice,“ we hope, will be a kind of teahouse for citizens to gather and freely discuss citizen journalism and share their own experiences with each other.

We would like to serve as a kind of host. Please let us know how we can improve citizen journalism and, ultimately, better serve citizens‘ interests. Your coming and partaking will be greatly appreciated

via Hugo E. Martin

Über den Autor

Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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