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Crowdstorminteressantes Interview mit Phil Wilkinson, CEO über Social Shopping und Web 2.0 Start-Ups ( Philip Wilkinson is co-founder of Crowdstorm, an online social shopping website that is scaling up for a public beta launch this summer. Philip is best known as a founder first of Shopgenie in December 1998 and later of internet heavyweight Kelkoo UK (now part of Yahoo!). He has also founded Genie Group, which has a range of vertical comparison search sites covering areas such as broadband, loans, credit cards and poker. )

Darin geht er u.a. auf die o.g. Shopping-Plattform ein, die ab Juli in die Betaphase übergehen soll. Via Blog kann man sich aber schon einige Sachen anschauen.

Wie will sich Phil das AAL-Prinzip zu Nutze machen?

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RATIONAL Aktiengesellschaft in Landsberg am Lech
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13. How do you see Crowdstorm evolving over the next year?
We are really excited about the possibilities for the „power of crowds“ and how finding the right product can be an element of buzz and recommendations from people you trust to influence your purchasing decision. We want to bring brands and customers together so that brands can get their message across, while customers can express their opinions and give feedback directly to the brands in question. Crowdstorm wants to act as the facilitator of this process and help everyone share and communicate in the shopping space. If 1,000 people want a particular product then we should go and arrange a special deal directly with a manufacturer or merchant. If there is a large amount of buzz being generated around bad customer service from a particular brand or product, then we want to get the brand to respond directly to those users and explain the situation. We want our active users to be invited to product launch events, try new products before they are launched to the general public, get the best deals they can, and help others understand the best products to buy. After all, shopping has always been a social experience and now it has never been so easy to connect people and brands in such large numbers.

via und weiteres bei Exciting Commerce, the unofficial king of the shoposphere 🙂

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