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prima! Bloglines, der Feedreader-Anbieter mit dem höchsten Marktanteil, macht den ersten Schritt:

As we’ve seen more types of information get syndicated, and as feeds are becoming used for multiple purposes, we’ve been growing concerned about the lack of controls on the distribution of personal data, especially through RSS. For example, you may want to allow your friends and family to subscribe to your blog but you’d prefer your posts not show up in search results.

Along these lines, we recently offered a new way to claim your own feeds and indicate whether you want your feed included or excluded from Blog & Feed search on and Bloglines (for more information, read the blog post announcing our Publisher Tools). But this method only solves the issue at Bloglines and, and it doesn’t address user-created (as opposed to publisher-created) feeds, like flickr feeds, which can’t be claimed. Clearly, there is a need for an industry-wide solution.

As a result, we are proposing (and have implemented) an RSS and ATOM extension that allows publishers to indicate the distribution restrictions of a feed. Setting the access restriction to ‚deny‘ will indicate the feed should not be re-distributed. In Bloglines, we’ll use this to prevent the display of the feed information or posts in search results or any other public venue.

Dazu muss man lediglich im RSS Feed eine Ergänzung vornehmen, Techcrunch dazu:

The proposed standard will allow XML/RSS/Atom feed publishers to keep their feeds out of search engines and unavailable for discovery by adding an access:restriction tag to the top of their feeds. Bloglines and Ask now support this tag and will keep feeds tagged as restricted out of their search and subscription results.

Siehe auch passenderweise dazu: Blogger und Urheberrecht

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