Hillary Clinton: The next President?

Die Time anaylisiert eine Umfrage über Hillary Clinton: How Americans View Hillary: Popular but Polarizing

Democrats and Republicans come closest in agreement on her intelligence (Republicans 73% , Democrats 91% ) and the likelihood that she „would stand up for issues important to women“ (Republicans 60% , Democrats 81% ) — perhaps a sign that, whatever her other problems as a candidate, she is not being held back by gender stereotypes. Or it could mean that Republicans hate her so much they don’t care if she’s smart…. Most of us agree that she’s smart, and there’s no doubt she wants to win. Does that mean she will figure out how to get red America to see her softer side, or does that mean she’ll quit before she can lose?

hat ja was, wenn sie gewählt werde würde (was in den Sternen steht)… Bush, Clinton, dann Bush und dann wieder Clinton 🙂 Vetternwirtschaft da drüben also neee

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