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eines muss man ihm lassen, er versucht es. Shoemoney, kein Unbekannter in der Webszene, schildert seine gescheiterten Webprojekte. Die folgende Idee ist wahrhaftig plemplem, gefällt mir aber:

1 – ShoeMoney Petroleum Company –
(I cant believe im actually telling these in public)

Ok Follow me here –
I want to purchase a Gas Station and Give away Free Gas. The catch is like the gas would come out really slow and also you would be limited as to how much you could get per week. (Like max 50 gallons a week). How do I make money ? EASY – I would setup paintball guns around the gas station with webcams that would let people from the internet take shots at the people filling up there cars with gas. You could charge per shot or a xxxx amounts of shots per month for a set fee.

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