Linke Blogs verdienen mehr als Rechte Blogs

Eine (Plattform Werbevermittler zwischen Bloggern und Werbenden) Untersuchung von The Business of America is Business, die interessantes aufedeckt:

3) Partisanship Pays, But Unequally. When controlling for both the number of weekly page views and the number of ads, politically-oriented blogs generate no higher ad revenue and command no higher ad prices than other blogs. However, revenues from ads on left-of-center (LOC) blogs are 40% higher than average while their right-of-center (ROC) counterparts’ revenues are 23% less. There are notable exceptions to this general trend, however. While LOC blogs dominate at both the lower (below 100,000) and the upper (above 1 million) ends of the weekly page views continuum, ROC blogs earn much more in the middle territory. Potential explanations for this difference, along with graphs, tables, statistical analyses, and a discussion of the other results, can be found in the full report.

Der bloggende Professor Starling Hunter (ex MIT) hat dazu auch ein PDF File zum Download mit weiteren Details bereitgestellt.

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