IBM nutzt Podcasts zur internen Kommunikation über IBMs Podcastnutzung zur Verbesserung der internen Kommunikation:

„People have just gone ahead and experimented,“ said Ben Edwards, IBM’s manager of investor communications and the organizer of its „Future“ series. „There are some very interesting models emerging.“

One of Edwards‘ favorite creations is a weekly status update from IBM’s supply chain organization. The group previously scheduled a weekly conference call with all the employees it needed to coordinate with — a conference that involved as many as 7,000 people. Now, supply-chain executives upload a weekly podcast, which staffers can listen to when they want. „It’s dramatically cheaper,“ Edwards said. „Plus you don’t have thousands of people organizing their schedules around this weekly call.“

IBM’s Hursley research lab in the U.K. launched a community podcast aimed at spreading the word about its staff and their projects. Features include interviews with the lab’s researchers and with workers with unusual job responsibilities, like the lab’s health and safety officer. Other IBM staffers have taken to podcasting to illuminate their particular situations at the company. A new IBM worker created a podcast with tips for other new recruits, while a mobile staffer began a series about what it’s like being an IBM worker who rarely reports to an actual IBM facility.

Schön zu sehen, wie eine so große, alte Firma mit neuen Techniken offen umgeht und experimentiert. Steht einer solchen Firma auch gut zu Gesicht, zunächst selbst eigene Erfahrungen zu sammeln bevor man die Welt damit beglücken möchte. Was der Koch selbst nicht isst schmeckt nicht.

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