französische Präsidentschaftskandidaten auf einmal scharf auf Podcast Interviews?

wie bereits berichtet, hat Loic den französischen Innenminister Sarkozy und Präsidentschaftskandidaten interviewt (als Podcast ins Netz gestellt). Das hat natürlich Wellen geschlagen. Auch Business Week nimmt an, daß Sarkozy ganz bewußt diesen Weg gewählt hat:

If the podcast interview was a coup for Le Meur, it also could boost Sarkozy’s presidential ambitions. A poll by the Ipsos survey group taken in mid-December, a month after the rioting ended, showed Sarkozy’s approval rating had dipped 8%, to 53%. Although that still puts him ahead of other potential presidential candidates, including Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, the poll showed a steep 18% decline in Sarkozy’s support among young voters. Sarkozy’s critics, including celebrities such as rapper Joey Starr and filmmaker Mathieu Kassovitz, who are popular among young French people, have said the Interior Minister’s harsh rhetoric and policing methods were partly to blame for the riots. Now, Sarkozy is mounting a counteroffensive among French bloggers, who are mainly 25-years-and-under. He recently posted a sharp retort on Kassovitz‘ blog after the filmmaker called him a „little Napoleon.“ Sarkozy told Kassovitz that his remarks were „caricaturist“ and invited the director to engage in „debate and exchange.“

Und nun wollen die anderen möglicherweise auch:

Le Meur says he has no ambition to become a journalist or political commentator. But he has already been contacted by other presidential hopefuls who are interested in setting up interviews. Certainly, there are no technical hurdles. The Sarkozy podcast is crisp and clear, thanks to three friends of Le Meur’s, all amateur podcasters, who came along with him to the interview to handle the audio and video. If this keeps up, Le Meur’s blog could soon become a must-read for France’s political elite.

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