IT-Indien: Von Outsourcing zur Innovation

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India“€™s largest tech companies, coders to the world, are racing to create their own products.

But India“€™s tech sector is transforming itself once again, this time into a market for high-end product engineering, innovation, and intellectual property creation. It is only a matter of time, say industry experts, before a technology behemoth emerges in India.

Now that Indian IT companies have surplus cash to burn on research and development, they are setting their sights on creating their own innovative products and services. They are hiring top-flight researchers and product managers, and are buying up companies at home and abroad to boost their product portfolios. But it will take time for the world“€™s largest outsourcing companies to morph into hothouses of innovation.

In the short term, most Indian technology companies are looking at innovation as a strategy to achieve higher growth, says Kiran Karnik, president of the National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM), an industry forum. „€œBut in the long term, if the companies don“€™t innovate to open up new business opportunities, they will sink,“€? says Mr. Karnik.

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