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skyline 1skyline 2interessanter, Google Earth ähnlicher Ansatz von Skyline Globe 3D. Am markantesten ist das Feature Video on Terrain, das statt dem 3D-Objekt Videos über Objekten/Bereichen einblenden kann. Sprich: Ein Geschäft könnte eine Livecam installieren und dem User direkt über dem Geopunkt bewegte Bilder anzeigen. Schauts mal am besten selbst dieses Vorführvideo an: These maps have live video


Presseinfos (mehr konnte ich in der Kürze nicht in Erfahrung bringen, wo man die SW downloaden kann, ob es etwas kostet und wenn ja, wieviel:

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Skyline Software Systems, Inc., announced today the 3D web mapping service. This turn-key 3D earth online combines massive amounts of high resolution satellite imagery, aerial photography and map data with Skyline’s leading 3D visualization technology to deliver a complete 3D web mapping solution for consumers, businesses and developers. is a new, 3D model of the world online, open for public access. A free open API allows anyone to create new tools and features for public or private use. Skyline offers a commercial version of the SkylineGlobe service to organizations that would like to embed this 3D global visualization platform on their own website with custom content exclusive to their domain. Skyline Globe runs inside a regular web-browser, and brings both commercial and government geospatial applications to life in industries as diverse as Travel and Tourism, Real Estate, Social Networks, Urban Planning, Entertainment, and Utilities.

„Unique features such as community and collaboration tools, realistic 3D cities, live video and open interfaces all come together to create a powerful platform“ said Ronnie Yaron, president of Skyline. „The ability to quickly create your own applications and connect directly to real time data of any type opens the door to a whole new world of online applications.“

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