55 Wege zum Spaß mit Google

Google Blogoscoped, Philipp Lenssen, der bekannteste Google-Blogger weltweit, stellt sein neues E-Büchlein über Google zur Verfügung: The full PDF of my book, 55 Ways to Have Fun With Google, is now available on As the book is Creative Commons licensed, you are encouraged to copy, read, share, remix, convert, quote, browse, and print the PDF to your liking. If you do create conversions, e.g. an HTML version, please send me the URL so I can link to it from


So there we have it, for the first time in history: search, the key to instant knowledge. And what do we do with it? Silly things. OK, not exclusively. But silliness is a part of it. People googlewhack, googlebomb, or egogoogle. People create parodies of Google. They create search engine contests. Magic tricks, riddles and art based on Google. They have a lot of fun with Google, and get together to play games on top of Google services. Even Google Inc themselves send out April Fool’s jokes every year, and celebration logos many times a year. Oh, humanity!

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