Bnoopy: Ein Gruenderblog

Joe Kraus hat sein Bnoopy Blog am 14. September 04 mit dem Ziel gestartet:

In Bnoopy I want to explore some of the issues I’m facing in starting a new company. I also want to reflect on some of the lessons learned from Excite and see how they apply the second time around. Hopefully in the process this will be useful to someone other than just me. Here goes…

Ich bin gespannt auf die Ergebnisse, die Story mit Bill ist ja schon mal köstlich :-)) Dumm hören sich seine Einträge nicht an, so wie das hier, was ich nur bestätigen kann:

It was Vinod who had some good perspective. He said that the hardest thing for a startup to do is get momentum. Gain some momentum and it becomes quite hard to stop the trajectory of the company. Said through an analogy, „once the rocket is off the pad and reaches escape velocity, it’s very difficult to stop.“ Sure, but how do you know when you’ve hit escape velocity? That’s the tricky question

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