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The OPEN-XCHANGE™ Collaboration and Integration Server Environment allows you to store appointments, contacts, tasks, emails, bookmarks, documents and many more elements and share them with other users. This environment can be accessed via any modern web browser and multiple fat clients like KDE Kontact, Apples iCAL, Konqueror, Mozilla Calendar and many more.
Every 3rd party product can access this application over many different interfaces like the WebDAV interface (XML), LDAP, iCal and HTTP(S). This makes the OPEN-XCHANGE™ application to a powerful product which can be used in many of different business and private areas. The OPEN-XCHANGE™ Server is based on the following daemons and services: a web server (like Apache), a servlet engine (like Tomcat), a database (like PostgreSQL), a directory server (like OpenLDAP) and a mail and imap server (like Postfix and Cyrus).

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