Expression Engine: Version 1.2

das sind die Neuerungen der Expression Engine (exzellentes Blogtool):

– Added Photo Gallery Module.
– Added moblog support for the photo gallery
– Added Blogger API so that desktop posting tools can be used.
– Added search improvements to the search module. You can search for exact words,
any words, or all words.
– Added the ability to use the name of your categories, rather than the ID number,
in any URLs that are related to categories. In other words, the URLs like this:
can now be shown like this:
Please see the user guide for details.
– Added „white-list“ feature to the Blacklist module.
– Added „show_expired“ parameter in the weblog and related tags, permitting expired
entries to be shown.
– Improved comment tag: {exp:comment:entries} You can now use it to show your most
recent comments without the tag needing to relate to a specifc entry.
– Added „live URL Title“ feature, which creates the URL title in real-time when you
type the tile of a new entry.
– Added comment pagination in the control panel.
– Added {next_date format=“%m %Y“} and {previous_date format=“%m %Y“} to the calendar tag.
– Added {comment_moderate} as a variable in the {exp:weblog:entries} tag so it can
be used conditionally.
– Added the ability to manually assign global variables in the path.php file.
If you use sub-directories for your weblogs you can now assign globals that
will be used locally for each instance. See user guide for details.
– Added option to use MD5 password encryption instead of SHA1. Note: This option
can only be chosen during installation and it can not be changed after the fact.
– Added a new notification option in the weblog preferences page that permits the
author of any given entry to be notified if comments or trackbacks have been submitted.
– Added an email debugging preference in the email configuration page.
– Added pagination to monthly archives, and other date-based display types that rely on
the {exp:weblog:entries} tag.
– Added „no_result_page“ parameter to the simple and advanced search form.
These allow you to specify a template which can be shown when the search has no results.
– Added a new preference in the Global Weblog Preferences page: Auto-Assign Category Parents
This preference lets you choose whether to assign parent categories automatically when
child categories are selected during new entry posting.
– Performance Improvements. Several improvements were made to EE 1.2 resulting
in faster page load times.
1. Added internal caching of path and other repeatedly used variables to
avoid re-processing.
2. Added a „dynamic caching mode“ that permits some of the weblog queries
that are normally dynamic to be cached. This is enabled in the Weblog
Management page in the Admin section.
3. Redesigned the date handling functions (which have traditionally
been among the slowest in EE) resulting in marked speed gain.
4. Changed how date variables are processed in weblog entries and comments
resulting in better resource utilization.
5. Added „query disabling“ feature in the {exp:weblog:entries} tag, allowing
the tag to be streamlined when limited data is needed.
– Improved the {if no_result} feature. You can now redirect to a different
template in addition to showing a message. See user guide for details.
– Super admins are now allowed to view user quicklinks and notepad info.
– Usability improvement in EDIT page of CP. Clicking an entry title will
allow editing rather than viewing.
– Changed the behavior of the blacklist and whitelist feature to automatically
check all incoming POST data, rather than in only specific places. This
adds a stronger spam prevention barrier.
– Fixed a situation in which selecting the member group item „Can edit entries authored
by others“ was not limiting the selection to only the weblogs assigned to the member
of that group.
– Fixed a weblog display bug that was causing multiple entries to show up if the orderby=“random“
parameter was used AND if the same entry was assigned to multiple categories.
– Fixed a mailinglist bug that can occur if a user signs up multiple times but doesn’t
authorize his account.
– Fixed a member group problem that permitted entry titles to
be seen by non-authorized users on the CP home page
when certain combinations of preferences were set.
– Fixed the {if location} variable in the comment entries tag.
It was only working with member locations.
– Fixed some language typos.
– Fixed a conflict that occurred with some tags in the preview page when using the url_title in comments.
– Added some code to delete caches when comments are edited, moderated, or

Über den Autor

Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.