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Nette eBay-artige Idee aus England: Swopme

HAVE GAMES YOU WANT – FOR THOSE YOU DON’T ! List a game you don’t need anymore and get 1 credit when a member receives it. Use your credit to chose ANY GAME YOU LIKE for only £1 + 1 credit….

Swopme members save all the time. Member’s games, dvd’s, music, books, tickets, etc. are all only £1 each; please browse the site to see if there is any item you would like.

As a swopme member you can own and enjoy the use of thousands of different items without any expensive purchase; and it’s cheaper than hiring! You can play them indefinitely, keep them forever, swop them again and again, and possibly for a more valuable item! – swopme members enjoy owning, playing, and steadily improving, all their collections of games, dvds, cds, music, manuals, etc, and all for only £1 each.

To swop please register. Registration is free quick and easy. Then simply offer your unwanted items to all the other members by listing them on swopme. Listing your items is also completely free.

When one of your listed items is requested by a member you post it to them by recorded delivery and receive 1 swopme credit. (For sending them your item.) Your swopme credit now enables you to select any of the items in the same category listed by all the other members. It’s that easy. You chose your new items from the list and, when you receive your selected item, the credit you received (by sending off your item) is transferred from you to the member who has now sent you their item; and so on, each member forwarding their credit for the next item.

This means for every item you send to other members of swopme you receive an equal number of the same category items (or credits) in return, ensuring fair swops for all members.

If for any reason the swop is thought to be unfair then members can come to some agreement between themselves and leave feedback and report favourably or otherwise on that particular swop or member

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Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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  • In Deutschland gibt es sowas auch schon seit einer Weile. 🙂 User können neben DVDs, Hörbücher und Musik-CDs auch Spiele tauschen. Spiele sind derzeit noch im beta aber wird sicher bald öffentlich gemacht und außerdem schon z.b. bei vor Wochen angekündigt worden.

  • hm… mein Beitrag war von 2004.. und nun kommt jetzt ein Kommentar, daß es das schon eine Weile in D gibt… also vor 2004? Gabs da schon Hit Flip? Mein Spam Karma hat zusätzlich den Kommentar als Spambeitrag deklariert… waren auch „nur“ vier Einträge. Heisst: Ist das ein werblicher Eintrag und wenn nein, wie ist das mit dem 2004 zu verstehen? Back to the Future .-))