Visualjournalismus: Grafikbeispiele

Visualjournalismus sammelt Infografiken aus Zeitungen, um sie zur Diskussion zu stellen:

The examples I use from various media to discuss and review is meant to initiate inspiring discussions. It is not my aim with this site to be pleasant or unpleasant, and the articles are written in the hope that most people enjoy getting feedback on their work. Even criticism is generally accepted as long as it is justified. If you disagree with something or think I’m too harsh or has any other problem with the content of the website please don’t hesitate in contacting me

I am convinced no one makes bad infographics on purpose, but as there are all kinds of different obstacles before the perfect piece hits the paper or the screen you do see bad infographics around. Hopefully we can overcome some of these obstacles by bringing them out in the open for a discussion. At the same time we should also find time to enjoy and learn from the examples of good visual journalism.


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