Klickpreise für Banner ziehen stark an

Noch gestern über Bannereinnahmen mit Googles AdSense geschrieben und heute das hier entdeckt:

AdAge (registrierungspflichtig):

Holiday season competition among marketers to buy Internet search terms has become so fierce that some terms are selling for as much as $18.90 a single click, according to involved agencies…. Minimum prices for key words start at 10¢ on Google’s AdWords and Overture, the search engine ad management and serving systems. Marketers bid what they are willing to pay per-click for a search term, and then pay the search engine whenever someone clicks on the ad results for that keyword. Popular brand words marketers are paying premium prices for this year include „digital camera,“ „mobile phone,“ „MP3 player“ and „iPod.“

$18.90 per single click
Among seemingly similar terms, certain configurations can command a higher price. For instance, „Holiday business card“ was fetching $18.90 per click; while „Business Christmas card“ was priced at $10.50; „Corporate Christmas card,“ $10.50; „Holiday corporate card,“ $10.50; and „Company Christmas card,“ $7.51. Search ad authorities point out that neither the price nor the action of search engine advertising is static. Advertisers don’t know the true value of a phrase until they experiment with it live and their search ad agency checks the return on investment of bids constantly. The real-time nature of search advertising lets marketers modify their terms at any time — and it has become common for rival retailers to jockey against each other with rapidly changing search term strategies.

via Nico Zorn,

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