Anti-Spam Tool: Spam Stopgap Extreme

Interessantes Abwehrtool für WordPress basierende Blogs: Spam Stopgap Extreme:

Taking Matt“€™s stopgap spam solution, which sends precomputed hashes to be echoed back by the user-agent“€™s form, I“€™ve added dynamic generation of the md5 hash. Rather than write it to a hidden field, we wait until the form is submitted to compute the hash. This prevents spammers from automatically scraping the form, because anyone wanting to submit a comment *must* execute the javascript md5.

This plugin used to be called „€œSpam Stopgap Extreme.“€? Now it“€™s been moved to the WP plugins repository under the new name „€œWordpress Hashcash.“€? All future development will take place through the plugins repository.

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