Die Story eines Entwicklers: Damien Katz

ein Lesemuss für alle die sich fürs Developing interessieren: Formula Engine Rewrite. Jeder, der auch nur ein bisschen codet oder hatte, wird viele Dinge wiedererkennen. Damien war bei IBM (früher Iris, die zur IBM Tochter wurde) Lotus Notes Entwickler:

So here was I was, offered this position that I clearly wasn’t qualified for. I had no experience with language runtimes or compilers, I knew very little about C and didn’t know anything about C++, I had never dealt with platform byte ordering and packing and all the other issues associated with writing something for eight different operating systems, I had never even used proper version control. But none of that mattered to me. It seemed to me like an amazing opportunity and I would be doing exactly the kind of stuff I enjoy most. I wouldn’t be bothered all day by marketing folks asking could the forms be mauve, I wouldn’t have to worry about the wording of some field label on some feature that no one even knew how to get to, I wouldn’t have to deal with icons that were too Anglo-Saxon, too masculine or too feminine, I wouldn’t have to worry that some important VP wanted a new button that would confuse 90% of users. I would just write code. So I said yes.

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