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What’s all this? This page shows current tags in alphabetical order. The size of the tag indicates how full of goodies it is.

What’s a tag? Think of a tag as a simple category name. Bloggers categorize their posts, photos, and links with any tag that makes sense.

Where do they come from? You! If you’re a blogger and would like to contribute, all you have to do is link to any tag page with „rel=tag“ in the href and it will automatically be included here.

Die Antwort von Nico Lumma/ (Blogstats ist Klein-Technorati auf die deutsche Blogosphere bezogen):

Mit dem nächsten Release wird auch bei Tagging eingeführt, es schlummert seit Anfang Dezember fertig in unseren virtuellen Schubladen, wartet aber noch auf ein paar andere neue Features für das Release.

Und anbei ein nützliches Tool per Bookmarklet, um Technorati Tags einfach im Blogposting erfassen zu können, oddiophile >>(via Moe). Macht aber laut Technorati nur Sinn, wenn

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If your blog software supports categories and RSS/Atom (like Movable Type, WordPress, TypePad, Blogware, Radio), just use the included category system and make sure you’re publishing RSS/Atom and we’ll automatically include your posts! Your categories will be read as tags.

Weiter Infos zu Technorati und Tags:

Where does the stuff on Technorati Tag pages come from?
The photos come from our friends at Flickr. Flickr is a great photo sharing community. If you’d like your photos to appear on our tag pages, join Flickr and post your photos there. And remember to tag ‚em! The links come from the nice folks at is a web-based bookmarks manager. If you’d like to contribute links to Technorati Tag pages, you can join, post and tag some links.

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