äh… CG Challenge Machineflesh: the book
CG Challenge Machineflesh: the book

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CG Challenge Machineflesh: the book
With unreserved support from the Machineflesh finalists, planning for the first CG Challenge book started in late November 2004 with production starting in December. The format of the CG Challenge Machineflesh book features in-depth „€œmaking of“€? articles for each of the winning artists and the runners-up, and a gallery featuring the work of the artists who have received an honourable mention in the Challenge. The goal of the CG Challenge series is to give equal representation to the „€œmaking of“€? material and the gallery of contestant’s work to reflect the learning focus of the Challenges themselves. The consistently high quality of entries to each Challenge also means that each CG Challenge book is guaranteed to have an amazing depth of great artwork using the same high production standards used for Ballistic Publishing’s other titles

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