Business Blogging und Image von Microsoft

auf The Red Couch kann man sich nunmehr in das zweite Kapitel von Robert Scoble und Shel Israel einlesen. Spannend!

Wie BL Ochman dazu festhält:

Robert Scoble and Shel Israel ask for public feedback on a beautifully written draft of chapter two of The Red Couch, that maintains blogging has had more impact on a perceptable softening of the public image of Microsoft than marketing, advertising or PR… So what does all this mean to Redmond?“ they ask. „Does this mean that because of Scoble and its 1500 bloggers, the world now loves Microsoft? Let’s not be silly.“ „Our point,“ they say, „is this: If blogging can do all this for one of the world’s most despised and distrusted companies, think of what it can do for yours.“

The Red Couch und das Buch von Scoble/Israel?

Welcome to our book blog. This is where Shel Israel and Robert Scoble will create a book. Really. An entire book will be done interactively right in front of you and WITH you. So, subscribe to the RSS feed here. Welcome.

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