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BlogBridge BlogBridge / OpenSource – RSS Reader, offline und online für Replikation der Feeds zwischen unterschiedlichen PCs:

Sure, BlogBridge comes with an RSS reader – and a good one at that! But we don’t stop there. It also includes a server-based service (free!) that enables you to synchronize your subscriptions between different computers.

You want to discover new feeds based on your interests or the feeds you already read? BlogBridge does that too. It will even calculate a recommended rating for your new feed.

In a hurry and need to scan only those posts that are most improtant to you? Set up your filter and BlogBridge will help you sort your information.

BlogBridge was designed for the non-technical user (although techies love it too!) to discover, read, follow and skip many news feeds, blogs, and other feeds.

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… is a pure Java application, and implements a Swing User Interface. The interface that you see today is preliminary, but in the general direction of the final project. We are using an outstanding Swing add-on library called Jgoodies which we recommend heartily. For more information, see

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