Yahoo verfolgt Social Web Strategie

Yahoo scheint immer mehr und immer stärker auf das Social Web zu setzen. Zunächst der Flickr-Kauf, dann der Start von Yahoo 360 (Blogportal mit Social Networking Elementen), erst ganz kürzlich die Suchmaschine auf Creative Common Basis, nun das Sponsoring dieses Projekts. Schlägt man Google mit den eigenen Waffen? „Be a good guy“?

Via Joi:

Wikimedia Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops and maintains free open content for the public, and Yahoo! Search, a leading global search engine, today announced that Yahoo! Search will dedicate hardware and resources to support Wikipedia, a community based encyclopedia written and edited by people from around the world. The contribution is the most significant dedication made to date to the Wikimedia Foundation by a corporate sponsor and is essential to furthering their global growth.

In addition, Wikipedia content will become available to hundreds of millions of users worldwide through Yahoo! Search via shortcuts that are automatically displayed above the relevant search results ( Yahoo! will begin making Wikipedia content available via shortcuts in the U.S., select European, Asian, and Latin American properties over the next several weeks.

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