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Philippe GaulierBooring!! ist ein interessanter Artikel über die L’école Philippe Gaulier in London: That’s exactly what Philippe Gaulier teaches leaders not to be. He uses theatrical techniques in order to help would-be leaders find their inner clowns.

Der Artikel handelt über die Art und Weise, wie Gaulier seinen Schülern beibringt, sich selbst über schauspielerische Vorgehensweisen zu erkennen. So zB handelt ein Teil davon, wie man Gespräche üblicherweise beginnt:

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“ People begin a conversation with an aggressive tone,“ says Anderson. „The first instinct in communication is ‚I’ll show you!‘ The hidden script that most people bring to every contact is a confrontational one — a tacit ‚prove it-prove yourself‘ attitude. We do this instinctively; we’re not even aware of it. Because we are self-conscious, we enter a conversation anticipating rejection, conflict, or a need to protect ourselves. Those emotions constrict us. Self-consciousness creates a barrier between people.“

Was aber lernen nun Unternehmer von Gaulier letzten Endes?

Leaders must display energy — “ but not raw energy,“ cautions Gaulier. “ Energy must be trained into impulse, spirit, élan.“ The problem with most leaders is that, even if they have energy, they stay in their mind. “ When you stay in your mind, you don’t have fun, dreams, or spirit,“ says Gaulier. “ You can’t tell a story.“

Gurus of leadership and directors of theater insist that their work is played out entirely in the realm of the psychological. That’s why most leaders, like most actors, have developed terrific subtlety of range — but only from the neck up. To play the role of the leader in its entirety, facial and vocal expression are not enough. Outstanding actors, like outstanding leaders, have always brought their whole body to their roles.

Diese Aussage hat mir natürlich am besten gefallen:

Under legendary acting teacher Jacques Lecoq, founder of École Jacques Lecoq, Gaulier learned a secret: You can achieve any great vision that you have of yourself — if your work gives you pleasure. That is how an actor or a leader inspires followers, attracts believers, wins contracts, and builds visions that become real.

Nehmt Euch die Zeit, sehr lesenswert!

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