HP befragt 400 US-KMUs


On April 27, 2005, HP released a survey that shows the primary challenges for U.S. small businesses are core business issues: operations, customer relations and employee relations. But even as they focus on the basics, small-business owners have an eye on the future, with plans to significantly increase technology spending and adoption of new technologies. The survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and released in conjunction with National Small Business Week events held in Washington, D.C., polled nearly 400 small businesses nationwide in early March.

Die Umfrage ist ganz interessant und ich glaube, daß die deutschen Unternehmen nicht großartig anders geantwortet hätten. Doch, halt, in einem Punkt wäre Null statt das hier herausgekommen, wenn es um die Frage geht, wo man innerhalb der nächsten zwei-drei Jahre sein Kapital investieren möchte:
KMU Blogpläne

Typisch amerikanisch zeichnet Anita Campbell daraus ableitend ein positives Bild für das Blog B2B Geschäft:

For all my friends out there who are blog consultants, it sounds like there will be plenty of work to go around. Small business owners will be looking for affordable help to set up blogs and learn the ropes.

Web design firms need to incorporate weblogs into their offerings. Partnering with blog consultants could be a good marriage, since blogging is such a different animal from a typical business website. Let the blog consultants worry about the unique marketing aspect of blogs and training clients how to use them. The design firms can focus on what they do best: customizing the designs, actually building the blogs, and integrating them with businesses‘ commercial websites.

SEO firms also figure in this mix. As the number of business blogs grows, it becomes harder to stand out. Search engine optimization (SEO) for blogs will become important just as it is for websites.

Und wo ist nun die Studie von HP?
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Was ist:
KMU? Kleine-mittlere Unternehmen.
HP? Hewlett-Packard.


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