TrustRanking in Kommentaren bei Promiblogs wegen Spam

sehr interessantes Spamproblem und Antispam Einsatz… Weblogs. Inc über die vielen Spamkommentare, die als echte Kommentare getarnt sind, nur um irgendeinen Shit zu bewerben:

We recently launched a new feature in Blogsmith (our home grown blogging software) called the „€œStar System.“€? You can see it at work over at, and the goal is simple: reward the good contributors and get rid of the spammer/freaks.

Background: Many popular bloggers have been having problems with comments on their blogs, some have even given up. Our ~75 blogs are getting hundreds“€”some days thousands“€”of comments. We“€™ve got the comment spam under control, but some of the spamming is now becoming very sophisticated. You“€™ll have someone write a reasonable response and link their name back to a poker site, or you“€™ll have someone post three comments under three names in order to have a dialogue with themselves about a company they are working for (we“€™ve busted folks doing this a number of times).

via Problogger (und seiner Meinung dazu, also ruhig lesen)

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