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verrückt: Bloggeropoly, die neu gegründete und wohl weltweit einmalige Personalvermittlungsagentur für Blogger, die für Firmen bloggen sollen.

Bloggeropoly is the world’s first and only professional blogger recruiting agency. We match bloggers-for-hire with companies needing such services.

Operating Principles
Our mission is two-fold:

1. To recruit top-flight bloggers who represent a variety of industry-related disciplines and backgrounds.
2. To contact companies needing bloggers and „match-make“ them with the bloggers already in our database, or recruit others if none of those provide the perfect match.

In the event we cannot find a blogger with expertise in a given area, we will go outside the blog arena, finding writers and training them on the mechanics of blogging for business, including how to use the blog platform and how to write in a style commensurate with blogging.

Payment Guidelines
When we contract with a given company and provide a qualified blogger, the company pays Bloggeropoly a finder’s fee amounting to 25% of what will be paid paid to the blogger during the first-year. (This is in keeping with standard recruiting industry policy.)

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