Mitarbeiterblogs als Branding Maschinerie?

RedCouch im Interview mit dem SUN Chefe Jonathan Schwartz (sein eigenes Blog), einem weiteren Blog Evangelisten, read his lips :-))

Was ist mit dem bloggischen Kernelementen? Überraschenderweise dazu Schwartz:

Blogging“€™s advantage, from his perspective, is in the transparency and authenticity that nothing else can provide. With more than 1000 company bloggers, people can see inside Sun in ways that are infinitely more valuable than Federal governance regulations. „€œExecutives are missing a point. There is no perfect truth despite transparency.“€? He argued that SEC requirements for quarterly reporting is far from as revealing as 1000 Sun bloggers talking about „€œthe guts of the company,“€? on a daily basis in a public forum…

Blogs als direktes Infomedium, und nicht mehr in einem Konzern durch Betonschichten gefilterte Infos an den Vorstand:

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Schwartz sees blogging, not as a tactic but as a watershed bi-directional change. „€œI don“€™t read blogs“€”I read. Blogs are more searchable. Technorati and PubSub are more useful to me than Google. It“€™s easier for me to connect in a blog-based world. People in Morocco and Australia have input into how we grow. I graze Sun“€™s blogs and read the comments. If a developer has a perception on J2EE, that“€™s valuable I know about it fast. We get all kinds of helpful comments. I just read a comment from a developer in Portugal, who thinks we“€™re the bee“€™s knees and it“€™s terrific to see that kind of stuff.“€?

Und wie reagiert die Konkurrenz?

Schwartz“€™ postings generate a great deal of attention. A competitor we know, speaking in background told us, „€œWe had counted Sun out, assuming that by now they would be dead or irrelevant. They“€™re back. I think it“€™s their [expletive] blogs.“€?

Was hats nun insgesamt gebracht?

From Schwartz“€™ perspective, blogging is not an appendage to Sun“€™s marketing communications strategy, it is central to it. He believes that the 1000 Sun bloggers contribution hasn“€™t just moved the needle for the company, „€œthey“€™ve moved the whole damned compass. The perception of Sun as a faithful and authentic tech company is now very strong. What blogs have done has authenticated the Sun brand more than a billion dollar ad campaign could have done. I care more about the ink you get from developer community than any other coverage. Sun has experienced a sea change in their perception of us and that has come from blogs. Everyone blogging at Sun is verifying that we possess a culture of tenacity and authenticity.“€œ

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