WordPress: Ganz schlechtes Releasemanagement

von RobRoyBasic

dear guys from WordPress, dont mess with good versioning and information policy. Regarding the security story with WP 1.5.2, your reaction, still missing an official statement, i am somehow disappointed, that your information policy is that bad. Is it that hard to report all relevant news onto wordpress.org?

Upon this little, underestimated things the future of a software solution is build, as long as you dont have a marketing budget as Microsoft does.

Juergen looks at it as mine:

I expect to get information about security issues from a central, easy-findable place from any project or product that has public exposure and more than a handful of users. (Yes, I expect that from open source projects too. Look around the net to see how good others handle it.) Expecting your users to gather information about a problem from forums, blogs, foreign sites, or the source code is simply unprofessional.

(see further: No WoW, CyDome)

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