Bilderdatenbank als Datenträger missbrauchen

Steganografie mit Flickr: Zunächst eine nette Idee, das man über den Bilder auch dazu nutzen kann, um komplette Non-Image Daten abzulegen. Nix neues an sich, das gibt es schon lange. Der Blogautor Keith McDuffee sagt dann auch: So basically Flickr can be used as a personal off-site backup system for all of your documents, not just images. Steganographied images can be shared with Flickr friends to pass on documents or other files. Honestly, though, I feel Flickr is an amazing service that I’d rather not see abused and lead to limit Pro account sizes. I’d rather see them figure out a way to stop such a thing from being possible or else let it be known such a practice is OK or not in their eyes.

Interessant finde ich aber diesen Kommentar: Over at we’ve been doing photo sharing for a few years longer than Flickr, and had this problem for a while. We ended up writing some filters which score suspicious-looking jpeg files (things like image dimensions vs filesize for one). It wasn’t uncommon for us to get a 200×200 jpeg which was about 10M in size, and find RAR headers in it. Given the volume of photos submitted it’s a bit hard to scan everything but we score it and it works 99% of the time. Of course, there’s the pillocks who’ll upload a photo called „winxp-sp2-cr4ck3d.r01.jpg“, and oddly enough they’re pretty easy to spot 😉

Habe an dieses Problem bei Bilderdiensten noch nicht gedacht..

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