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„Get it“-Blog writes about Corporate Blogs they doesnt work because:

Corporate blogging! Now isn’t that a contradiction in terms? I see blogging as an expression of a personal belief or interest. Corporations aren’t persons and they basically have no other interests than making a buck. So wont a corporate blog almost always end up pretending to be personal when it is in reality strongly steered by professional marketeers with one goal – profit.

Henrik, you are imho wrong: Corporate Blogs have a good chance to be highly passionate as private Blogs are. Enrepreneurs often have very strong beliefs and interests otherwise they wouldnt take the risks by being an entrepreneur. How does it come that you mean if they blog they would leave their passion behind them?

Ok, wait, wait, you say:

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…and it would secondly have to be able to say both good and bad things about the company. This is where most corporations draw the line. Imagine a sausage manufacturing employee admitting online that a specific sausage made by her company is poor quality! Never gonna happen in a company sanctioned blog.

Do you believe that private Bloggers always tell the truth or just 50% of the truth? Which truth? Yours? Mine? Theirs? A truth is just that good as long it happens to push the positive image of a Blogger. But what about a truth that would show your „dark side“? Will you blog about that? Chances are you wont 😉 But wait, just corporate Blogs wont be authentic … you said that … nope, i dont buy that. There is not a big difference between a private and a corporate Blog.

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Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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  • I think the concept won’t work for the mayority of us.
    There are a lot of „blogs“ out there and only a few can count on a dedicated fan crowd (in technology sector Joel Spolsky, Hany Suleiman, Matt Raible).
    I believe that these 3 should be able to leverage their blogging as an effective weapon for self-marketing. But they are rare cases of true multi-talented fanatics with good sense of humour.
    Problem with Internet from a content producer standpoint stays the same: You can reach millions of people, but you have a lot of competitors.

  • attention, dont let yourself be dazzled by the China syndrom: You dont need to leverage your corporate Blog up to that level like Joel did. And, i can ensure you that there is no need to write like hell as Joel does. The net is big and still you will be found by your customers, no matter how many billions of websites there are already. And the blog will be read, but it depends on the content and the style how the customer will act than. You dont need to reach millions you just need to start with 1-10 visitors.

  • I don’t mean to imply that entrepreneurs aren’t passionate. Of course they are. But let’s be honest here: a blog from an entrepenuer (that is a seller of a specific product) can never be passionate about things that counter the selling of that product – that is why most corporate blogs are uninteresting. They lack the rants and raves that take place in blogs like mine and yours. Corporate blogs are thought through and that lack of implusiveness is what will ultimately kill them as a blog subgenre – at least that’s my opinion 🙂

    Thanks for your comments. I like an implusive discussion 😉

  • I just dont believe that private bloggers are that honest as – how you state it – corporate blogs can never be: I rarely read some very honest things of private bloggers, if they blog with their true identity. Would you blog about your girl friend that things arent going well if she reads the blog too? :-))) Ok, they blog about news, politics, sport, and so on. But that companies can do too. They can rave and rant if they want, and sometimes even do.

  • It’s not about truth or lie, Robert! It’s about goals.

    Do you read advertisements with the same interest you read a book? My guess is no!

    The primary goal of an advertisement is to sell. The goal of the writer of a book is primarily to entertain and/or inform.

    And how do you know whether a blogger is being honest or not. And why is that important – if the blog gives you an reading joy – does it matter?

    Please show me a ranting corporate blog 😉

  • i would like to show you a german Blogger, well known about gastronomy, he loves to bash the politicians (but always with deep knowledge), but its in german, you cant read it. Or do you know german? I can post the link. Its one example. Its not rare that german corporate blogs rant about different things. And, many known german corporate blog dont advertise, they – the owners – love simply blogging. Strange, isnt it? But not that strange if you think about it from a different angle: we are all humans :-)) The rest.. i have to go to a meeting now. to be continued 🙂

  • I think that we are talking about two different things here, Robert. I’m not saying that some guy with a one man run operation cannot have an interesting blog. I’m talking about corporate as in CORPORATIONS – i.e. big companies with marketing money to burn.

    Also very often people who have a trendy occcupation and their own small company like chefs, artists, writers web designers and so forth will benefit from having an open minded blog.

    All I’m saying is this, Robert: Big corporations shouldn’t spend their resources creating blogs. People wont read them.

  • like Jonathan Schwartz Sun-Blog? .-))) I think everything is possible but you are right, the bigger the company the bigger the danger producing this boring blogs (too much command & control).