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uhm ohm… Transparenz und Blogs = Schöne Kombination. Manchmal ist es mir aber etwas zu sehr geschwurbelt, gepinselt und gehaucht. Da beschwert sich eine Bloggerin darüber, daß Ihr Typepad Blog (SixApart) soo langsam läuft. Die Antwort ist von Anil Dash (SixApart):

Debbie, thanks again for keeping us on the right track. I think what you’re speaking to points out a tough area for any company to communicate about when something’s going wrong. We’ve got an idea of some of the problems that TypePad’s been having, and some of the causes. But we’d been waiting to have a full understanding that we’re confiden comprehensively covers all of the possible issues and solutions that might come up. This is based on the idea that complete transparency is our best bet. The thing is, there’s a tension between transparency and responsiveness here: Getting the whole story takes time, as anybody who’s worked in journalism knows. Maybe what we need to do is figure out a way to give both our fastest, but less complete response as well as our more deliberate, but more comprehensive response. Either way, our team is working diligently on fixing this issue, and we’re going to make it right for all of our customers. We value you business, and appreciate you giving us the chance to get it right.

Nix dagegen, daß man sich um seine Kunden kümmert. Doch der Mensch sollte mal die Seife aus dem Mund nehmen 🙂

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Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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  • Das ist bei den Amis normal. Wie ich die Worldwide-Telkos immer hasse wegen dem Geschwafel, welches völlig substanzlos nur vom Thema wegbringt. Aber „Straight Talk“ ist dann gleich zu offensive …
    Ich hab es förmlich im Ohr dieses „Welcome John, we’re grateful that you’ll participate in our meeting today. We’re really looking forward to your presentation and we’re so sorry that you’re not the first to perform. [blabla] And now I give the word to Liz, who will give us an outstanding report about the figures of our last quarter.
    Und danach: Thank you very much for this tremendous presentation. You gave us a very important point of view. Yor’re fully right in …[blabla], but can you please explain what you wanted to point out with the word „fuck“ at 2.4.6?
    Antwort: Thank you for your important question. I’m honored being able to help you with that fundamental topic. … blabla …