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Is The Sun Getting Warmer?
we all know it’s getting warmer here on out little part of the solar system but there’s mounting evidence that the entire solar system is heating up. And our Sun is more active than it has been in 400 years.

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As I’ve reported before in Earthfiles, the sun is not „normal.“ Is it warming up? Earth’s North Pole and Mars’s South Pole are melting at a surprisingly rapid rate. Even far out Pluto seems to show some melting. Is the sun a bigger player in all this than originally thought?

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– „Is the sun a bigger player in all this than originally thought?
Well with it being a massive star(medium-sized is what scientists like to call it), and that ‚little glare‘ being 87,000 miles wide, I imagine so. 😀

– Besides, the sun’s warming effect on earth is because in summer (north hemisphere summer) the angle in wich the sunrays get to the ground is bigger than that is in winter (north hemisphere winter) – in the astronomical winter the earth is closer to the sun than in the astronomical summer

– Let’s just blow the sun up already! Sheesh!

– redsox, it heats up, then cools down. Our sun is still a baby.

– oh noes .. bush has a sun machine now :0

– We’re all gonna die anyway. Bring on the interesting times!

* ich liege am Boden und schwenke die weisse Flagge.. ich kaaaannnn nicht mehr :-)))) *

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  • „BUT IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE BUSH’S FAULT!!!“ – „Well, now I can enjoy my stay @ Florida next year when it’s 2 DEGREES HOTTER!!…“ – „I wonder how the Hippie propaganda machine will spin this one! damn hippies.“

    Das sind meine Favoriten. Herrliche Sache das 🙂