Synchro Edit: Online zusammen an Dokumenten arbeiten

SynchroEdit is a browser-based simultaneous multiuser editor, a form of same-time, different-place groupware. It allows multiple users to edit a single web-based document at the same time, and it continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always have the same version.

* Collaborative Editing — Two or more people can edit a document at exactly the same time, fine-tuning specific wordings and phrases.
* Teleconferencing Notes — Members of a teleconference can write about their call, correcting or expanding upon notes made by other call members, thus supporting a true backchannel to a live conference call.
* Wiki Editing — Editors can edit popular or heavily edited Wiki pages at the same time, instead of having to wait for their colleagues to complete their work.
* Pair/XP Programming, Agile Development — Two or more programmers or web developers can write code at the same time.
* Teaching Aids — Teachers can provide dynamic syllabi and lecture notes, and students can take shared class notes together.
* Documentation Writing — Authors with a variety of expertise can come together to write a coherent document on a specific topic. This overview of SynchroEdit was originally written in SynchroEdit by multiple people.

Muss ich mir mal ansehen und mit Writely (siehe Blogartikel) vergleichen.

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  • wäre interessant, so ein Vergleich (Writely/Synchro Edit). Hab‘ selbst bisher nur hin und wieder Writeboard benutzt, das unterstützt aber kein synchrones Editieren. Wobei ich mich frage, ob das Ziel „Pair Programming“ denn so sinnvoll ist. Auf Dauer nervt das wahrscheinlich selbst mit der besten Webapplikation. Für andere Sachen dann schon eher…