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So werden Gäste in speziellen Cafes in Japan begrüßt. Es handelt sich dabei um auf Geeks ausgerichtete Cafes. Die Bedienung kleidet sich dabei in Anlehnung an eine bekannte Comic- oder Softwaregame-Figur. Der Gast wird in der Tat sehr zuvorkommend behandelt, Reuters:

„When they address you as ‚Master‘, the feeling you get is like a high,“ says Koji Abei, a 20-year-old student having coffee with a friend at the Royal Milk Cafe and Aromacare. In the cafes, girls dressed in frilly frocks inspired by comic-book heroines wait hand and foot on customers, mostly male, who might have once been obsessed with naughty schoolgirls and nurses. At one cafe, maids get down on their knees to stir the cream and sugar into the customer’s coffee. At Royal Milk, diners can follow up a meal with a range of grooming services, including ear cleanings. Maids at some of the more attentive shops even offer to spoon-feed customers at their table. …

„The concept of these cafes, where women who are physically and emotionally immature serve male customers, is not surprising given the fetish for young women among Japanese men,“…

Selbst Friseursalons springen auf den Zug:

Hair salons in Akihabara are also cashing in on the trend. At one such establishment called „Moesham,“ stylists dressed as maids give shampoos and cuts to a mainly male clientele not intimidated by the salon’s decor, which resembles the bedroom of a young girl besotted by hearts and lace. A few customers even come three or four times a week for a shampoo, said Yuki Todo, stylist-manager at the shop.

Ich denke, dieser Kunde sagt damit alles, warum dieses Konzept so einen Erfolg hat:

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Yasunori Tomita, a 32-year-old salesman and first-time customer, said, „I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment so getting pampered by maids will have to suffice for now.“

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