Manolo sucht Mitblogger für sein kleines, aber feines Blog-Imperium

Manolo zählt zu den bekanntesten Bloggern (mit seinem Schuhblog). Nun sucht er einen Mitblogger, ich zitiere ihn/sie mal, die Sprache ist nach wie vor ungewöhnlich und einzigartig:

… Manolo says, The Manolo’s empire it is again in the period of expansion, as the Manolo will shortly be introducing yet another Manolo-based blog. This one devoted to the joys of food and drink and the matters gourmandise. However, before this happens, the Manolo must take care of other things.

Most importantly, he must address the fact that he has not had the time nor the interest to properly maintain his blog devoted to the fashion for the males, Manolo for the Men. On many of the occasions of the past, the Manolo has noted that the topic of clothing for the men bores the Manolo. Yet, at the same of the time, one need only look around the sidewalks of our cities to know that most men need the sound advice on the matters of dress and comportment.

So, to further this indespensible civilizing mission to the sloppy and slackadasical he-natives of the world, the Manolo would like to announce that he is seeking the help. He is looking for the blogger to help him write about the matters sartorial at his humble Manolo for the Men blog. …

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