Google Adwords: Bald mit Zeitzonen

na endlich, Google wird bei AdWords Zeitzonen-Angaben zulassen. Please, gleich AdSense mitnehmen. via Internetmarketing-News

und Google siebt ab sofort AdWords-Anzeigen verstärkt nach „Qualität“ durch:

Starting today, and over the coming weeks, we’ll be implementing an ads quality change designed to show fewer ads on queries for which our users might prefer not to see them and more ads on queries for which ads are useful. The impact of this change will vary from advertiser to advertiser, so we wanted to give you a heads-up and suggest that you keep an eye on your keyword performance over the next few weeks. If you notice a decline in impressions or clicks on some of your keywords, you may wish to ensure that your most important terms are each specifically entered as keywords in their own right, rather than relying on broad or phrase match to include them. Or, if you notice an unwanted increase in impressions or clicks for some keywords, consider adding negative keywords to more finely tune your targeting.

via Internetmarketing-News

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