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wow… auf der Webseite der Firma Digital Air finden sich zahlreiche Beispiele über deren Werke:
digital arts

Digital Air is a technology, service and licensing company. We began in 1992 with the mission of being the world’s leading developer of camera array based image capture and processing technology. From the company’s inception our vision has been to apply our technologies to digital media. In 1995 we chose the name Digital Air to reflect this vision. To commercialize our technology and to establish ourselves in the industry we began by designing and manufacturing our Timetrack film camera systems in the early 1990’s. Today we continue to develop and design our own equipment, providing our digital Movia camera systems and our film-based Timetrack camera systems as production services for film and television productions throughout the world. We also license our technology to producers of systems and exhibitors of media that utilize our patented processes.

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