Die 80er Jahre


Evans, at 38 a member of the so-called Generation X, set up a website dedicated to the music he danced to as a youth in the Eighties. It was only a hobby. But he told his friends about it, and the word spread. It soon became apparent that Evans had tapped into a huge public appetite for nostalgia on the web.

His site,, specialises in following the careers of Eighties stars ranging ‚from Bucks Fizz to Megadeath‘ who are still performing today, giving fans the chance to catch their latest concert or album. It now claims to be the world’s most popular ‚Eighties news resource‘ with more than one million hits per month, and distributes a newsletter to 18,000 people every week.

Und die Seite sieht wirklich aus… wie anno 1980 🙂

Über den Autor

Robert Basic

Robert Basic ist Namensgeber und Gründer von BASIC thinking und hat die Seite 2009 abgegeben. Von 2004 bis 2009 hat er über 12.000 Artikel hier veröffentlicht.

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