Scoble im Interview

Wired hat Robert Scoble über Weblogs, seinen Weggang von MS und seinen Plänen interviewt.

u.a. das als einfacher, aber effektiver Tipp:
WN: What do you suggest for those who want to understand how to be effective in the blogosphere?

Scoble: Think about how you want people to find you. Search the Google keywords you want to own, and figure out how people are going to search for you. (Once) you have a list of keywords, paste them into Technorati and start reading the blogs (that show up for those search terms). You’ll find other passionate people who care about same things, a group of bloggers you can try to build a relationship with. That process gets (people) started pretty well. They get an idea of what everybody else is saying, and are able to gauge what’s effective.

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Growth Marketing Manager:in – Social Media
GOhiring GmbH in Homeoffice
Personalmarketing und Social Media Experte (m|w|d)
Süwag Energie AG in Frankfurt am Main
HR Marketing & Social Media Specialist (m|w|d)
Süwag Energie AG in Frankfurt am Main

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